BusOnePro Total Solution Partners

BusOnePro's Total Solution Partners network brings a complete package to the table for your bus route planning/communications needs. 

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Universal Com Link offers over 20 years of experience providing quality products and services.

UCL is truly an "one-stop-shop" manufacturer providing end-to-end hardware and software solutions, which can interoperate seamlessly with a myriad of third-party products.  UCL provides a wide range of electronics systems and subsystems for M2M applications, remote monitoring, tracking, control, automation and navigation.  Communications platforms range from serial, networked, two-way radio, cell to satellite.

UCL have the skill, experience, and technical proficiency for your most challenging projects through a variety of professional services depending on your specific requirements from analysis and design to personalized and application-level support.

Universal Com Link manufacturers a wide line of hardware and software solutions created for communications, security, telemetry, and automation for a variety of industries.UCL's MobileDVRpro4 Digital Video Recorder

All of our hardened mobile and fixed systems are fully customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Visit UCL at www.universalcomlink.com

Build and Installation of:
  • Computer dispatch centers
  • Networks
  • Radio over IP (RoIP) / Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Digital mobile video systems
  • Mobile computer platforms
  • Industrial computer platforms
  • WiFi & WiMax systems
  • Two-way radios
  • Antennas / Towers
UCL offers:

Custom Engineering  ♦  Global Support  ♦  Manufacturing

UCL is committed to training and will provide the highest level of training and support possible.  At the end of a project, UCL can provide as built drawings for all of the installation of hardware that would include manuals, wiring diagrams and pictures.

UCL can provide an onsite training program for all of your employees who will use and depend on the installed system to manage services on a daily basis.

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Engineering Innovative Software Solutions Since 1983

Ryte Byte, Inc. provides its clients with a complete palette of knowledge management solutions including transportation systems software, scheduling and billing systems, contact management software, information systems consulting, network and imaging systems and service, email and web based communication, pre-packaged software sales and training, custom programming (including SQL programming and client/server systems), and the complete line of customizable Ryte Byte Imaging software products.

The company has produced many successful software applications, including Sebastian Accounting™, Sebastian Title™, Himalaya Imaging™, Schedule ACE™ Clinic Scheduler, Schedule ACE™ Contractor Scheduler, and K2 Lead Manager™ to name a few.

Ryte Byte is committed to providing individualized service.  They understand that every organization is different and requires unique solutions to truly benefit from technology. They will assist you in adapting that technology to the way you work - saving you time and money.

Visit RyteByte at www.rytebyteinc.com

Did you know...

BusOnePro™ maps display streets and highways including names, major geographical features, landmarks, jurisdictional boundaries, railroad tracks, system routes, bus stops, transfer points, and any other map layer features that may be available.

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