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Fleet Maintenance

Complete tracking of your mechanics, maintenance, parts, and vendors.

Complete maintenance tracking

Periodic Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

  • Track your fleetís fuel efficiency with fuel usage graphs and reports
  • Record and view fleet maintenance history
  • On-screen reminders show when you need oil changes and any other type of maintenance
  • Work orders can be automatically created based on mileage, days, day of month or date, e.g. change oil every 3000 miles or 4th Monday of the month
  • Track inventory
  • Purchase Orders

Auto work order generation

Work Orders
Work Order Labor
Work Order Parts

Track your entire parts inventory - filters, mufflers, tires, mirrors, right down to the last nut & bolt if desired.

Track your mechanics hours and which vehicle they were working on. Easy reporting features simplifies payroll.

Keep your vendor list in one place - always handy and available when you need to order.

Did You Know...

With BusOnePro...
Dispatchers can send messages to and receive text messages from Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) equipped vehicles.

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