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Route Planning / Mapping

From advanced digital routing and mapping components to GPS tracking of your bus fleet, BusOneProSchool contains the tools you need to manage your fleet.

BusOnePro School's latest version is currently in development

tabbed content areas

  • Set up multiple runs (double routing), “no return” routes and “transfer” routes
  • Assign a student to any number of routes or field trips in a single day
  • Define hazard or avoid areas
  • NEW!! Fully automated route builder. Builds entire routing system for standard, transfer or tiered routing system
  • Routes can run every day or on specific days
  • Riders can be picked up every day or on specific days (using a standard schedule)
  • Riders can be picked up on certain days (on demand riders)
  • Riders can be cancelled for a day from a route
  • Draw “route zones” and “walkout zones” for automated route building
  • Lynx calculates the cost of field trips based on driver pay, mileage and time
  • Optimize routes for shortest time or shortest distance
  • Override student stop address, e.g. pickup/drop-off student at babysitter’s address
  • Track hazard stops
  • Calculate rider time onboard vehicle (limit exposure to exhaust fumes)
  • Color code stops based on user-defined stop types
  • Drag and drop student(s) to another stop in the route or another route entirely
  • Web interface for parents to lookup pickup/drop-off times for their children
  • Create routes by clicking on rider locations, i.e. dynamic route creation
  • Create routes automatically by setting up “Bussing Zones”
  • Create single master route for all riders
  • Create routes based on overlay grid (drag and drop grid)

Route Sheets (Several formats available, here are some examples)

  • Detail Route Reports
  • Summary Route Reports
  • Student route assignment reports (handy for teachers), i.e. shows the buses their students are on
  • Student Information Report
  • Reports can show pickup/drop-off addresses, overriding addresses, travel time, pickup/drop-off time, directions from last stop, distance, contact information, parent info, school, grades, etc.
  • Print route checklists for drivers (confirmed passenger checklist)


  • Define unlimited district maps using scenarios
  • View statistics based on current BusOneProSchool student data or forecast data
  • Print maps of district boundaries/regions
  • Display boundaries and statistics in Google Earth


BusOnePro™ uses the same data handling technology that NASA employs, i.e. your data is safe and secure, regardless of whether you are using one computer or 1,000 computers to access BusOnePro™ data.

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