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BusOnePro Transit

Intelligent transportation systems technologies, primarily GPS, mobile data terminals (MDT), digital mobile radios and cell phones, scheduling, dispatching and call reservation software are now in use increasingly in North America and Europe.  BusOnePro Transit is the result of extensive research and development to create the best transportation management system available.  BusOnePro Transit puts the latest Intelligent transportation technology in your hands.

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The TRANSIT Core Platform

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Transit Features

Manage vehicles, vehicle maintenance, clients, drivers, routes (fixed and hybrid), demand-response (aka: dial-a-ride) scheduling.  Real-time vehicle messaging and monitoring (AVL).

  • Displays real-time or replays recorded AVL data represented graphically on computerized maps or in tabular format
  • Displays Status Messages on map in real-time, e.g. Stopped, Delayed, etc.
  • User can send a waypoint to the Bus MDT application
  • Shows ETA to next stop
  • Supports multiple displays/monitors with mouse and touch screen support
  • Maps display streets and highways including names, major geographical features, landmarks, jurisdictional boundaries, railroad tracks, system routes, bus stops, transfer points, and any other map layer features that may be available
  • Indicates vehicle location, direction, schedule adherence and indicates alarm status or vehicles operating beyond thresholds
  • Full detailed information on map objects including vehicles and buses may be hidden to minimize screen clutter
  • Displays relevant information about vehicles such as maintenance status, driver information, etc.
  • Can show projected or estimated location of AVL equipped vehicles even when real-time location updates are not being received
  • Displays the “planned” location and status of vehicles based on the run, route, trip and driver assignments
  • Alarms can be displayed over the top of other software and can escalate to other stations
  • User definable escalation policies
  • Dispatchers can send messages to and receive text messages from MDT equipped vehicles
  • Records all text messages, events and data transmissions, occurring between dispatch and vehicles
  • Workspace views, colors, symbols, etc. can be customizable with zoom, sorting, ordering, and similar features that can be saved and loaded on a per user basis
  • Can Export or publish AVL data in real-time to external data sources including, but not limited to, CSV, XML, RSS formats
  • Call-ahead/text-ahead feature on paratransit vehicles to notify clients in advance of a scheduled pickup through Skype
  • Provides the ability to generate standard and custom reports from stored data

A mobile data terminal mounted onboard the vehicle keeps the driver informed of important information.

  • Allows operators to send and receive text messages from dispatchMobile Data Terminal
  • Show messages, send & receive success
  • Can display manifests and real-time schedule adherence to operators
  • Using MapPoint™ 2010, provides turn-by-turn navigational aids to Para-transit and support vehicles

Reports on Demand

  Generate reports on a daily, weekly & monthly basis

  • Detail statistics reports for riders, vehicles, times, etc.
  • Late pullouts
  • Missed trips
  • Logon / logoff reports
  • Schedule adherence reports

    • Early departures for each monitored stop with counts
    • Late departures for each monitored stop with counts
    • Percentage of on-time performance

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

  Authorized users can manually generate predesigned reports such as:

  • Driver ID(s)
  • Vehicle ID(s)
  • Time data ranges
  • Time of day ranges
  • Route(s)
  • Combinations of the above

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Did You Know...

BusOnePro can show projected or estimated location of AVL equipped vehicles even when real-time location updates are not being received.

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