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Client Tracking / Invoicing

Designed for the special requirements of managing your para-transit transportation system that does not follow fixed routes or schedules.

Whether your paratransit division consists of a taxi or small bus running a defined route or a fully demand responsive system offering on-demand call-up door-to-door service from any origin to any destination in a service area, BusOnePro Transit is designed to handle the situation.

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Handle and track your para-transit clients from scheduling pickups, automatic advance pickup notification (through Skype), to invoicing and receiving payments.

Track your client/rider customers. Once entered into the system, easy search and recall makes the clients information available instantly for scheduling a pickup.

Intelligent transportation systems technologies, primarily GPS, mobile data terminals, digital mobile radios and cell phones, and scheduling, dispatching and call reservation software are now in use increasingly in North America and Europe. These systems are replacing formerly manual processes with automation that is already in widespread use by the trucking industry. Interactive voice response systems are the next technology innovation anticipated for Paratransit services.

Cut invoices for your clients with the built-in invoicing and payment systems.

Enter payments from clients with the built-in payment systems.

more info coming soon

more info coming soon.

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Did You Know...

With BusOnePro...
Dispatchers can send messages to and receive text messages from Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) equipped vehicles.

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