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Fleet Drivers / Messaging / Communications

Maintain records on your drivers. Track important driver data such as address and phone number plus:

  • Hire date
  • Termination date
  • Payroll info
  • Set reminders for license renewals, insurance, and drug testing
  • View driver utilization statistics
  • Manage driver absenteeism
  • Manage driver volunteerism
  • Manage driver assistants
  • Build payroll records from routes and/or drivers. Add adjustments to each run if needed
  • Interfaces with QuickBooks Pro and other accounting software


With a properly equipped vehicle, text messages can be sent to and received from each bus, keeping drivers informed of weather problems or incidents in the area.

GPS/Vehicle Data

Utilizing the communication options within BusOnePro, you will receive regular GPS location information about each bus. Other information can include data on the engine, door open/closed, flashers on/off, speed, etc.

Mobile DVRs

Digital video recording is an important addition to your vehicle fleet. We supply mobile DVR systems in configurations from one up to sixteen cameras and microphones. Eliminate 'he said/she said' issues and improve rider and driver safety.

Another option is the ability to send live pictures from the vehicle back to dispatch so you can see what's happening onboard.

Vehicles in your fleet running under the BusOnePro system canopy can be equipped to use many different options of communication including but not limited to two-way radio, cellular 3G/4G networks, satellite, or Wi-Fi networks. 

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Did You Know...

With BusOnePro...
Dispatchers can send messages to and receive text messages from Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) equipped vehicles.

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