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Fleet Maintenance

BusOnePro's Fleet Maintenance Modules are solidly designed to handle all maintenance records on each vehicle in your fleet.  You will have complete tracking of your mechanics, maintenance, work orders, parts, and vendors.

Complete maintenance tracking

Periodic Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance

Auto work order generation

Work Orders
Work Order Labor
Work Order Parts

Track your entire parts inventory - filters, mufflers, tires, mirrors, right down to the last nut & bolt if desired.

Track your mechanics hours and which vehicle they were working on. Easy reporting features simplifies payroll.

Keep your vendor list in one place - always handy and available when you need to order.

Periodic Maintenance

Schedule periodic maintenance such as oil changes, alignments, and filter changes.

Track your regular inspections of tires, lights, signs, etc. If there's ever a question, you have the records to prove the inspections were performed.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is performed after a fault or problem emerges with a vehicle, with the goal of restoring the vehicle to fleet operating status as soon as possible. In some cases, it can be impossible to predict or prevent a failure, making corrective maintenance the only option. In other instances, a poorly maintained fleet can require repairs as a result of insufficient preventive maintenance.

BusOnePro tracks all of your maintenance records for each vehicle so you know the fleet is being properly maintained thus reducing the need for corrective measures.

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Did You Know...

BusOnePro™ will show you vehicle location, direction, schedule adherence and indicates alarm status or vehicles operating beyond thresholds

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